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Our 5 Best Camping Items for Summer 2017

We put our heads together over here at All Glamping and we’ve come up with our definitive BEST camping items for Summer 2017. From solar powered lights, to our all-time favourite pan set… keep reading to find out how to get your best camping game on this Summer!

1) Luci Inflatable Solar Lights by Mpowerd.

Luci Lights

(Retailing at about $20/ light)

We love love love these! Honestly, every campsite we visit with them we have somebody admire them. We use them instead of torches and we even use them instead of plugged in bedside lights at home

What’s so great about them you ask? Well, first of all they’re solar powered so you don’t need to worry about batteries or plugging them in. Second, they’re inflatable so they pack down to pretty much nothing. Finally – they’re pretty much indestructible. You can float them on water, you can throw them across the site / tent / van to your friend without fear. You can hang them from trees or over a splendid outdoor dining table like in the picture.

Also there are different types. Depending on which one you get they have a button showing charge, they have detachable straps for hanging or fixing around something (they fit perfectly around tent poles). They come with super bright lights with multiple LEDS (the Luci Outdoor 2.0) or with ambient orange glow that even flickers like candle light (the Luci candle). Our favourite is the Luci Lux – it’s a frosted white light which gives a bright glow but isn’t quite so ‘spot-lightish’ as the Luci Outdoor. We also love the candles for putting on the dinner table at night. The final reason to invest in some of these now? They have a sustainable business model which uses the profits from the regular retail price in the Western world to enable them to provide solar lights in places where they’re REALLY needed (for everyday living) at an affordable price.

Not the cheapest but we love love love them. We do have one back up battery powered flashlight but honestly, we never use it. We bought eight which might be overkill (ha!) but we wouldn’t be without them.

2) On Car Roof Tents

(Retailing around $1000 depending on brand and model – we have this one from Gordigear)

So we just bought one of these babies to test out. We’ll be writing a full review soon (with photos obviously) but here’s a sneak preview of why we love them. The best thing is how easy they are to ‘pitch’. In fact, you don’t need to do any ‘pitching’ at all. You remove the rain cover, unclip a couple of clips (you want it to stay closed while you’re driving obviously), use the ladder to flip it open and – voila! The base of the tent is a gorgeous memory foam mattress so you just sling in your sleeping bags, a couple of Luci lights for a gorgeous ambient glow and that’s it!

We bought one that has an ‘annexe’. This means that you get a regular type tent / awning which attaches to the roof tent entrance. You can put a ground sheet in it and an inflatable sofa (see below), instal your camp kitchen.. in fact ALL THE THINGS you usually have while camping. Then, when it’s bedtime, you just climb the ladder and a blissful night’s sleep on a good mattress is yours!

Other things we like.. less creepy crawlies (yes, ants probably CAN climb ladders) but it’s a lot less likely than seeing a line of them breaking into the back of your regular tent on the ground. Ditto bears. They probably CAN get up a ladder (can bears climb ladders? Gosh, I hope not) or at least tip your car over in a rage. In my mind at least, a roof tent drastically reduces your chances of waking up with giant claws ripping through your canvas. For more on bears and how to survive a bear attack see this site..

3) Kmart Inflatable Multi-Function Couch / Air Bed

(Retailing at $35!) inflatable red couch

OK so maybe y’all knew about these from years ago but I just discovered them. Discovered, bought, used, and LOVE!

We’ve got a couple of tents. If we’re using a regular ground based tent these actually make for quite a comfortable bed. We recommend covering it with a cosy mattress protector to avoid the ‘shiny’ or investing in a slightly more expensive one with a flock cover but, man, the difference in camping with a COUCH. We love it. If we’re using our roof tent we have a built in mattress but we’re still taking this along to put in the annex for a relaxation space. We can also use it for an emergency spare bed for guests. Add on a $5 foot pump and there is literally nothing not to like about this.

4) Gorgeous Enamel Glamping Mugs

Enamel Camping Mugs(retailing at £12.50/mug with free shipping)

OK so we’re biased (we have them for sale here) but we’re still incredibly enamoured of these lovely hand painted enamel mugs for brightening up your campsite. They start life as a plain stainless steel mug and then they’re hand painted by skilled artisans in Kashmir. They’re basically indestructible, incredibly light weight and very lovely.

Plus, we support social enterprise by using fulfilment centers staffed by people with disabilities. This means that every time you purchase from us somebody is supported to pick, pack and mail out your order. This will invariably be done with a smile because these guys REALLY appreciate the opportunity to work. You can read more about our American fulfilment center – Adelante – here. And about our British one – Onward Enterprises – here.

5) Seven Piece Saucepan set from Texsport

(retailing $50 – have a hunt about on Amazon / camping storesTexsport 7 piece pan set

We are camp stoves connoisseurs! Travelling a lot – and camping a lot – we’ve had to buy a lot of sub-optimal camping pan sets over the years. This one from Texsport is budget-friendly and is far and away the BEST. The pans properly stack one inside the other. The two lids become frying pans (one mini and one small so you might want to buy a second ‘proper’ sized frying pan if you’re cooking for a family). The handle works fine and can be stored inside the pans (wrap it in kitchen paper or a dish towel to avoid scratches). It’s properly non-stick and will stay that way if you look after it.

It’s billed as a ‘seven piece’ but that’s a bit of an exaggeration. What you actually get is 3x pans of different sizes, 2x lids which double as frying pans, a handle and a carry bag. Invest in one of these! It doesn’t matter if you’re tent camping, RV camping or you’re off glamping to somewhere fully set up. If you take one of these it’ll fit easily into your bags and it’s a known quantity. Treat it kindly and it’ll last for years. Really, we love this pan set. We might buy 20 of them just in case they ever stop making it.

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