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Glamping with the Avant Garde Camping Company – Sydney, Australia

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Have you ever wondered how you go camping with a company that pitches the tent for you? We found out with the Avant Garde Camping Company in Sydney, Australia!


Have you ever wondered how it all works if you go glamping with a company that pitches the tent for you and sets everything up? Well, we did too, which is why we got in touch with the wonderful Avant Garde Camping Company in Sydney, Australia. The company (set up in 2015) rents bell tents throughout the whole of New South Wales. They do all the hard work and you just sit back and glamp in comfort!


So, how did it work in practice?

Obviously here at All Glamping we love camping and the great outdoors. But pitching in and pitching tents is not our favourite part of things (ahem). There seem to be tons of companies out there now offering brilliant luxury tents, fully pitched and all glamped up. We thought we’d find out more so we got in touch with Jennah at Avant-Garde and asked if we could have a weekend taster.


The Background

We were super lucky that they not only said yes we could experience bell tent glamping for the weekend, but Jennah offered us one of their 5m deluxe bell tents.

So, how does it work? Well, first you get in touch with them to make sure that they have a tent available for your selected dates. Then you choose a site in New South Wales – either from your own research, or from the list that Avant Garde helpfully supplies. We opted for Cattai Campground in the gorgeous Cattai National Park.

Super helpfully (unlike some other providers with similar offerings) the Avant Garde Camping Company will manage the whole booking process for you which ensures that you have a seamless experience. I was super worried about which order to book things in – what if we booked the campground but then there was no tent available (and we were flying to Sydney sans tent)..? Or vice versa and we booked a gorgeous bell tent and then had nowhere to put it? Not a problem with Avant Garde!

So, why Cattai National Park? Well, the best thing about Cattai is that it’s less than an hour and a half’s drive from the metropolitan hubbub of Sydney. It feels gloriously remote for such a short drive and you get to experience a bit of rural Australia. We had a (rather too) up close and personal encounter with a kangaroo – my first since arriving in Australia. It would have been exciting but as it was ‘boing-ing’ about three inches from our moving vehicle, at twilight, it was ‘thrilling’ in slightly the wrong way!


The Experience

Avant Garde had sent us great, comprehensive information telling us exactly where our tent would be pitched and how to get in (tents are locked). There were a few Avant Garde bell tents pitched at Cattai that weekend – judging by the fun being had nearby these are a really brilliant option for an outdoor get together.

Our tent was gorgeous – we had a large double air bed with luxury bedding, there were rugs on the floor, a welcome bottle of fizz (!), wood for the campfire and all the pans etc that you could need. There were two hurricane lanterns, a couple of chairs for lounging, a cosy hot water bottle (just in case of Autumn chills) and a picnic table outside.


Our Wins!

Being so close to wildlife was lovely. It was awesome to get so close to a kangaroo. We enjoyed some delicious food in local town Windsor – including The Best breakfast on our way back to Sydney! Glamping with Avant Garde makes it super easy to get the full national park camping experience even if you’re not a ‘pro’ camper.

We took fairy lights, lanterns and bunting and we had a fantastic time glamping the tent even more and taking pics (which you can see at the top of the post). As we sat in our now fully ‘glamped up’ tent we heard a passerby whisper to his friend,

These guys are clearly professional. This one looks like the Moscow State Circus!


Our Fails!

Getting really, really  close to a kangaroo… while driving… in the dark. We failed to find the outdoor cooking facility (totally our fault for not reading the provided information) so when it rained (nothing too bad, just drizzle) we went for a pizza instead of cooking on site. The pizza was really yummy though…



Glamping with a company who do the pitching and setting up for you is a GREAT option especially if you have a small group of people who might have mixed feelings about, or mixed experiences, of camping and pitching tents. Same goes if you  (or your chosen partner in crime) have mixed feelings about camping or pitching tents – but still love the great outdoors.

You do need to take all your own camping food and it’s a good idea to plan some activities (hiking, photography, local sightseeing) and a plan for what might happen if bad weather strikes. You’ll still be fine and dry while you’re in the tent, you just might want to have a back-up plan for cooking (no campfire!) and activities. In those senses you are very definitely still camping, and however gorgeous it is, you’re still in a tent.

Overall Avant Garde were massively friendly and helpful & the whole process was a lot easier than I expected.


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