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Glamping Hub : The Best Luxury Camping Destinations Worldwide

  • Glamping Hub Bali, Indonesia (1)
  • Glamping Hub Bordeaux, France
  • Glamping Hub Buckland, Australia
  • Glamping Pemba Tanzania
  • Glamping in Oregon
  • Glamping Moab Desert
  • Glamping San Diego
  • Glamping Lake Bled Slovenia
  • Glamping Hub Lake Bled, Slovenia
  • Glamping in Spokane Washington
  • Glamping in Slovenia Treehouse
  • Glamping Slovenia
  • Glamping Hub Halfmoon bay, Canada
  • Glamping Hub Western Australia (1)


We were recently lucky enough to get to have a chat with David Troya. David is the founder of Glamping Hub – the primary booking website for worldwide glamp sites.

If you haven’t checked out Glamping Hub yet you can do so by clicking HERE. They are definitely one of the top must-visit glamping websites with seemingly endless, amazing listings.

We asked David how he got started with glamping, which glamping spots would be on his own personal bucket list… and we found out that he’s visited more than 20 of the listed venues, with some more visits planned (jealous? much?!)!

If you’re interested to find out a little more about David here’s a quick run through of our chat. We also got a brilliant selection of pictures of their best locations!! (Hit us up in the comments if you want more detail of how to book anywhere in the pictures above!)


Hi David! Can you tell us a little bit about how Glamping Hub was initially founded?

Hi there! No problem. The idea came about while I was working on my MBA at the University of San Francisco. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I already had a degree in hospitality, but the concept of glamping didn’t come about until it was brought up in one of my classes and I saw potential. It wasn’t until after I completed the MBA that I decided to pursue the idea full time.

Obvious question.. but we all want to know what’s your favourite glamping destination? And why! 

So far, my favourite glamping destination has been a safari tent camp in Bocas del Toro Panama. It’s one of the most secluded places I’ve ever been to. It took 4 planes, 1 boat ride, and a 20-minute hike to reach this camp. It’s located in the middle of the jungle and it’s the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. The camp is completely secluded from anything else.

And… which ones are top of your bucket list?

Tree houses in Galicia, Spain. Hoping to go in the spring.

Ecopods in Switzerland. They’re on the slope of a mountain.

Beachfront Tree House in Zihuatanejo, Mexico (cover photo on the GH homepage).

Can you tell us a little about the Glamping Hub team?

The Glamping Hub team is made up of 17 nationalities and we have 2 office locations: Sevilla, Spain and Denver, CO. I’d describe the team as young, engaged, and energetic. Over 90% of our employees have lived abroad, so this makes for a group of individuals who are extremely passionate about other cultures, have a curious nature, and are delightful to work with. They’re passionate about making their lives interesting and developing professionally.

How many of the properties featured on Glamping Hub have you visited?

Over 20.

Have you ever been a host yourself?

In a way, yes. My father lives on the slope of a mountain in a very secluded location in southern Spain and even though we don’t market the location through the website, we have hosted many people there and seeing how people change when they’re in such a secluded location is great. They relax and disconnect from their daily lives, take time to observe their surroundings and have conversations with those around them. It’s exciting to be able to provide that experience for thousands of people now through our website.

What’s your working definition of Glamping? And do you think it’s changed over the years?

The three elements that make up glamping are:

Direct access to nature, with the level of comfort you will find in a hotel, and a truly unique experience: either because of its location, the views, or activities provided in the setting.

I would say it has definitely become more mainstream in recent years.

What are the future plans for Glamping Hub?

We want to be the main online resource for people who want to connect with the outdoors and to be the connection between people who have extremely busy schedules and need to disconnect, and the secluded destinations that provide that type of experience.


So, do check in and check them out! And tell us in the comments if you’ve stayed somewhere spectacular with Glamping Hub.. or if you have a new bucketlist destination!


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