Beautiful Enamel Camping Mugs – Shabby Chic Collection

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Beautiful Enamel Camping Mugs – Shabby Chic Collection

Set of 3 mugs – 1x Pink, 1x Blue and 1x Yellow.

  • Stainless steel with enamel overlay – no BPA, super clean and hygienic.
  • Rounded edges on the rim so you don’t have a harsh edge against your lovely lips!
  • Hand painted retro / vintage style, flower designs.
  • Long lasting, light weight and unbreakable!
  • Buying helps us to do good work as our enamelware is hand painted by skilled craftsmen in Kashmir & our fulfilment centers (local to each country) are staffed by disabled people supported to work within their own capacities.
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Beautiful enamel camping mugs. We love enamel camping mugs – sturdy, durable and very good to look at. These beauties are all but indestructible and they look great when you’re camping. Whether you’re tent camping, trailer camping or just camping out of the back of your ute, what you really need are some enamel camping mugs to brighten everything up and raise your game.

We’re currently updating our stock records and distribution systems – to include local distribution for USA, UK and Australia – hence all of our enamelware being marked as ‘out of stock’!

Please fling us an email over to if you’d like to purchase as we’ll be able to prioritise you for back orders once our warehouse is back up and running!

Gorgeous custom-produced beautiful enamel camping mugs. Rainbow tongue also sell enamel camping mugs at this link :

These are made out of stainless steel – with rounded edges on the rim so you don’t have a harsh edge against your lovely lips! Retro / vintage style flower designs hand-painted on.

Long lasting, light weight and unbreakable! Here is another place which sells something not as good as ours :

Please note that the design of the yellow enamel camping mug is slightly different in the pictures. This has now been rectified so all the patterns match!

I need to write about 80 more words about how much we like camping. Bright blue skies, firelight, smores and the great outdoors. Building a fire and cooking hamburgers is the way forward. You can camp in the forest or beside the beach. You can camp in a van or a tent. You can hike, beach comb, walk or just lounge at the camp.

We need less than 20 more words on how great enamel camping mugs are. Especially these beauties from Kashmir. Just what’s needed on a warm Summer evening.


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