Beautiful Enamelware Pitcher / Water Jug



We love these beautiful enamelware pitchers! Totally unique to All Glamping – you won’t find these anywhere else!

Four lovely shabby chic colours! Please note the yellow pattern is very slightly different to the others.

  • Stainless steel with enamel overlay – no BPA, super clean and hygienic.
  • Rounded edges on the rim – no spout but they pour great (we use one as a water jug at home)!
  • Can be used at home or on the road – they make amazing vases or can be safely used as water jugs.
  • Hand painted retro / vintage style, flower designs.
  • Long lasting, light weight and unbreakable!
  • Buying helps us to do good work as our enamelware is hand painted by skilled craftsmen in Kashmir & our fulfilment centers (local to each country) are staffed by disabled people supported to work within their own capacities.
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Beautiful Enamelware Pitcher Water Jugs.


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